Trump regrets not lowering flag to half-staff to honour Ashli Babbitt shot at Capitol riot, report says

Ashli Babbit, (Twitter).

Donald Trump believes that the White House flag should have been reduced to half-staff. This is after Ashli, an “innocent,” wonderful, and amazing woman was killed during the US Capitol Rally, according to a report.

The Daily Beast stated that Trump had complained for the past two week about her deserved honor due to her service in Air Force.

This is in keeping with Trump’s July public remarks on Ms Babbitt. He told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday,11 July that she was shot by the head of security of a top Democrat, claims disputed by a senior law enforcement official quoted by NBC News.

“Who shot Ashlibabbit? Why are they keeping it a secret?” Trump said that Mr Trump knew who had shot Ashli Babbit, an innocent, beautiful, and remarkable woman. He also stated that there were no repercussions.

“I’ll tell you, they know who shot Ashlibabbitt. He stated that they are protecting this person. “I’ve also heard that it was head of security at a certain high ranking official – a Democrat – we’ll have to wait and see, it’s going out. It’s going be out.”

Four days prior to his announcement of a lawsuit aimed at Silicon Valley’s tech leaders on 7 Jul, Trump claimed that he still knew “exactly who” shot Ms Babbitt.

“There wasn’t any reason for that. And why isn’t that person being opened up and why isn’t that being studied? They have already turned it down. They said that case is closed,” he said.

Ms. Babbitt was shot by a US Capitol Police officer in April. Federal prosecutors claimed that there was not enough evidence to prove that her civil rights were violated.

They stated that it was reasonable to believe the shooter was firing in self defense or in self-defence to protect members of Congress who were trying to flee the chamber.

The investigation was shut down by the US attorney and Justice Department, without ever identifying the officer. Ms Babbitt’s brother, Roger Witthoeft, told The Washington Post he was unhappy with the decision.

“In my view, everyone should appear before a jury for justice. This shouldn’t happen behind closed doors. He said, “I believe he should at best stand trial.”

Trump finally reduced the White House flag to honor Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick, who was killed days later from a stroke.

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